What is #forhazeldell? It’s simple. We want to see Hazel Dell thrive. That’s it. So, we are trying to facilitate and encourage that. We are trying to encourage people to choose to support the businesses of Hazel Dell.

There are organizations that have fought to improve our community, one of them being the Hazel Dell Salmon Creek Business Association. If you’re not familiar with them, they put on the Hazel Dell Parade of Bands. They have done a great job. (#forhazeldell is not an initiative of either of these organizations.)

We have and still continue to see great changes in our community. But, what if we all owned the current state and future of Hazel Dell? What is we all sought the best for our community? What if we fought for the heart of our community?

Can you imagine how much of an impact the collective people of Hazel Dell could have if we all joined together and sought the peace and prosperity of this place? Do you know what would happen?

I’ve heard it said that when the tide rises, all the ships in the harbor rise with it. What if we could get the tide to rise in our community? What if we invested our resources here, where we live instead of in communities and businesses across the river?

Want to join us? Click here to find out what we’re doing.