What Are We Doing?

So, we want to seek the peace and prosperity of Hazel Dell. But, what exactly are we doing? You’ve probably heard of and maybe even participated in a Social Media Scavenger Hunt. Well, this is kind of like that. Except the point isn’t to try to win a prize (although we will be giving out a prize at the end of April, 2018). The point is to do good in Hazel Dell.

All the tasks pertain to supporting local business and doing acts of kindness for people in the area. We particularly want to support locally owned and operated businesses. Of course when we support any business in Hazel Dell, it’s good, but when we support a locally owned and operated business, it’s kind of like a doubly good thing.

How do you participate? Well, using Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you can complete any of the tasks listed below. All you have to do is complete the task and take a picture of what you did. You don’t have to take a selfie unless you want to. Just a picture of what you did. Take a picture and post it to Instagram and use the hashtag #forhazeldell. That’s how we will be tracking the points. If you don’t use that hashtag, we won’t be able to know that you did anything!

What are the tasks?

These are the ongoing tasks, valid for the whole month of April, through the 29th.

Ongoing Tasks

  1. Pay for a drink/food for the person behind you line/drive through line. – 3,000 points
  2. Buy groceries for the person behind you in line. – 5,000 points
  3. Get a live flower at a garden center and put it on someone’s door step with a nice/inspirational note, ding dong dash. -1 ,000 points
  4. Bring in the shopping carts from the farthest reaches of a parking lot so the store clerk doesn’t have to go all the way out there for a few stragglers. – 1,000 points
  5. Bake & take cookies to someone. – 2,000 points
  6. Prepare one of the community garden beds for planting. – 4,000 points
  7. Pick up garbage in a parking lot or along a stretch of sidewalk while wearing your 6:8 gear. – 2,500 points
  8. Write kind/inspirational things on the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk. – 2,000 points
  9. Random acts of art: Sandwich Board Murals left on road sides; chainsaw carvings around town; the more creative the more points base is: – 5,000 points
  10. Give a note of appreciation to a law enforcement officer or firefighter. – 1,000 points
  11. Create and wave signs in support of a business that has supported us, or your favorite business (with business okay). Wave them from the sidewalk near a popular intersection for a minimum of 30 min. – 7,000 points
  12. Get a group together and paint rocks that say #forhazeldell with pretty decorations or nice sayings. Hide them around town after they are dry. – 500 points per rock
  13. Have a weed pulling marathon in the church flower beds. See who can pull the most in ten minutes. – 500 points (looser) 1,000 points winner
  14. Music World (Selfie playing an instrument, compounding points for multiple simultaneous players – get permission first) – 1,000 points per person
  15. Eat at a locally owned restaurant and/or shop at locally owned stores. – 5,000 points
  16. For every $10 you spend locally you get 500 points (Take a picture of the receipt or total on the cash register.)